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This is a blog to expose the total disregard for the Rule of Law in the Lawless Tribal Region known as The Township of Langley. DEFINITION: cor⋅rupt   /kəˈrʌpt/ –adjective 1. guilty of dishonest practices, as bribery; lacking integrity; crooked: a corrupt judge. DEFINITION: in⋅teg⋅ri⋅ty   /ɪnˈtɛgrɪti/ –noun 1. adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More Terrorism.

The corruptionator had been planning to describe tonight the latest terrorism incident perpertrated on two long term decent law abiding Township residents thanks to the six stinking sack of pigshit crooked puppet councilors and Bob Long's sack of pigshit criminal thug buddy but that will have to be a story for another day, as the Corruptionator is somewhat reflective tonight and doesn't feel like writing about the six stinking sack of pigshit crooked puppet councilors.

The following story has absolutely nothing whatever to do with the Township of Langley or its six crooked puppet councilors, and probably doesn't even really belong in The Langley Corruptionator but, completely unexpectedly, it was part of what I experienced today, and I just happen to feel like writing it down here.

The mother of a friend called this afternoon. Her brother had passed away, somewhat suddenly, a few weeks short of his 87nd birthday, and a prayer service was being held. I went to mass then the prayer service afterward. He hadn't been a rich man so the crowd wasn't large, maybe forty people or so, a handful of devout Catholics from Holy Rosary Cathedral and relatives of the deceased. After the priest had finished the prayers my friend's mother took over conducting the service. She is a fairly competent public speaker.She first told us about her brother's life. She then called about 15 of us up one by one to stand in front of the casket and pay our last respects to the deceased as she gave a short introduction and talk about each of us. Most of the relatives of the deceased placed their hands on him or on his folded hands as she spoke. One even leaned over and kissed his forehead as well. As the service ended a priest who had been seated with us on the pews during the service suggested to my friend she get a sister of hers to sing a song in their language, Carrier. It turned out the sister who was the good singer had already left for the reception so one of her other sisters sang instead. No music, just one single voice in the cavernous cathedral. The song was unlike any other native Indian song I'd ever heard. All I'd ever heard before were chanting type songs accompanied by a tom tom sort of drum. This song was entirely different. Just a lone voice softly singing. I doubt if anyone who didn't know otherwise and could only listen and not look could even guess it was a B.C. Indian singing in a B.C. Indian language. If asked to guess a person who could only hear the song could reasonably have given as an answer that the song was being sung by anyone in the world, and that they were singing it anywhere in the world. The song was soft and melodic, and, as I said before, completely unlike any native song I'd ever heard. I couldn't understand a single word but somehow that soft song was surprisingly moving. When she finished singing she explained to us in English that her mother had taught her the song. Her mother told her that years ago many of their people were dying and they had gone to the Oblate priests to ask them what to do. That is when the priests had taught them the song. She told us the song is only sung at funerals. She told us its about little hands and little feet, the little hands and little feet of baby Jesus.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Thanks for the info. John.


"John P. said...

I do hear and see that the "out there" blog has removed references to a certain party and that a police complaint was definitely going to happen. Perhaps the author will now see the RCMP in action, and the Criminal Code that he loves to quote being fully enforced upon him? There has been no absence of hate remarks and libel against a large group and I do hear that that group has not had to report anything as some monitoring "

Thanks for the timely info John, I was just now wondering whether that complaint was going anywhere. If I don't hear otherwise in the next few days I'll assume it is and I'll be filing my own complaint with regard to that specific matter involving "Rocky" and the crooked councilors blog of lies and I will start deciding exactly which witnesses and documentation and records I will subpoena and start preparing my list of questions. And don't forget, if by some bizarre set of freak circumstances, you do manage to get me charged with something, I can ask you questions, but if I don't choose to testify, you won't be asking me any.( Although I suppose I would be testifying in the related threatening trial, should it be necessary for me to file that complaint, which I have no interest in doing unless its necessary, because "Rocky" and the "Rocky" matter are entirely peripheral to my primary concern) ( And if The " Rocky" complaint is pursued, making it necessary for me to file a complaint related to it, and if the RCMP don't act on my complaint, then I'm off to motions court to file a private information.)

If "Rocky" hadn't lent his name to that crooked councilor's blog of lies which contains absolutely nothing but complete outright lies about criminal matters involving Bob Long's criminal buddy, theft and fraud, and the Langley RCMP, and myself, then this current matter involving "Rocky" would never have arisen. As I have stated previously, if the crooked councilors wish to spend the next two years attending court, I've already started my preparations. I'm certain every voter in Langley is going to be very appreciative of having complete transcripts of the trial delivered on their doorstep prior to the next municipal elections. If you're that desperate to make the National News, you're on.

Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we seek to deceive, eh Bob?

It's high time the lot of you stopped inhaling, screwed the tops back on the cans of laquer thinner, went outside and breathed deeply for a while, and asked yourselves, " Is it really worth my political career to continue assisting Bob Long's psychopathic criminal buddy in breaking every law he wants to break so he can terrorize two decent, law abiding, very long term resident Township ratepaying citizens out of the home they've owned and lived in for the past three decades?"

My New Hobby

My new hobby is reading the criminal code and related judgements. Some people drink beer and watch football games on TV, some people go to hockey games, some people ride Harleys, but me, I read the criminal code and judgements. It relaxes me, I enjoy it, Its fascinating. So, just for amusement's sake, and for no other reason, I thought I might share a little of my hobby with readers of The Langley Corruptionator. Any reader is more than welcome to submit their thoughts or comments, or some may even know answers to questions I am pondering. I will eventually find the answers to these questions by web surfing enough case law, but in the meantime readers should feel free to submit their own ideas.

Purely as an intellectual excercise, and for no other, reason I thought I might share with readers one of the questions I am currently pondering. For example, in this particular law;

122. Every official who, in connection with the duties of his office, commits fraud or a breach of trust is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years, whether or not the fraud or breach of trust would be an offence if it were committed in relation to a private person. "

Someone has told me the " trust" in the phrase " breach of trust" in this law must be the same as the " trust" in something like the trust agreement between a lawyer and client, or between say a house owner and the bank holding his mortgage. But I am wondering if this is always the case? Might that essentail element of the offense be fulfilled because their exists an implied trust agreement between a citizen and a public officer? That implied trust agreement being that a public officer must act in the interest of the public he serves. I don't know. I'll eventually find the answer by surfing enough case law, but any reader out there should feel free to submit any thoughts and ideas they might have.And I reiterate, this is merely a hobby, a mental excercise like crosswords or sudoku,and no one should construe this post to mean anything other than that.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mr. Apprentice Prime Minister Jordan Bateman

So where's the tapes Mr. Apprentice Prime Minister?

You know, the tapes of a delegate's appearance where he said he'd spoken to the RCMP and the RCMP said they would investigate the theft of township property if council referred the matter to them for investigation? The tapes will also include the second matter the delegate mentioned at the same time, a matter of defrauding the Township of which he was 99.99% certain had occurred,which he asked be referred to the RCMP along with the theft. The tapes of you, Mr. Apprentice Prime Minister, and the five other puppets sitting on their hands and saying nothing after the only council member with integrity made a motion to refer the both of these matters to the RCMP, as the RCMP had requested? ( Strictly speaking the RCMP at that point had said nothing about the matter of the Criminal Code of Canada fraud, they were then only aware of the theft) The tapes which will show as well that after discussing the matter in the 7 o'clock meeting that day, you and the puppets did nothing.

These tapes are the tapes someone on the crooked councilors blog of lies wrote a complete pack of lies about.

You aren't trying to pull a Nixon tapes manoeuver are you?

( They might actually be audio CDs or DVDs rather than tapes, I don't know yet; But I do know that Richard M.Nixon's missing 17 minutes were once upon a time on tape.) ( I like Nixon by the way, he believed he had to do what he did for the good of his country, unlike, for example,Spiro Agnew or the Langley Good Ole Boys friends and insiders, who are just trying to stuff more cash in their pockets any way they can.)


A Sample Oath of Office for those who may be interested:

Oath of Office.

I, Bob Long, do swear that I’m qualified to hold the office of councillor for the Township of Langley to which I have been elected. I have not by myself or any other person knowingly contravened the Local Government Act respecting vote buying or intimidation in relation to my election to the office. I will faithfully perform the duties of my office and I will not allow any private interests to influence my conduct in public matters and as required by the local Government Act I will disclose any direct or indirect pecuniary interest I have in a matter and will not participate in a discussion of the matter and will not vote in respect of the matter.

P.S. to the legislative assistant who I asked three months ago for a copy of the oath of office, and who I left follow up telephone messages with asking where it was,and who I never heard from again: it's O.K., don't worry about it.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A warm welcome to our new readers.

The Langley Corruptionator has just learned we have a new regular reader( or readers) on board. Welcome, the more Township people made aware of Township corruption the better.

We'd suggest our new regular readers may find the earlier articles in The Langley Corruptionator regarding Township criminal activity to be especially interesting, something to look into on those occasional long boring days when there's not much else going on.

I'll tell our new readers one thing, I sure am pissed at our crooked councilors for having blown the Township budgets on a restaurant, a golf course, lied to us about the P3 that wasn't so they could cut a one sided deal with the taxpayers holding the short end of the stick, squanderd $50 million on an overpass in the wrong place to scam 250 acres out of the ALR, signed no questions asked fat contracts with public sector unions, etc. etc. etc.

If we had any reporters in the Township, instead of human tape recorders regurgitating the party line, these crooks never would never have gotten away with their scams.

The reason I'm so pissed is because if our crooked councilors hadn't blown the budgets on these special interest groups who guarantee their re-election, then Langley Township would have hired enough cops that gangsters don't make Langley the favored underpoliced locale for shootout of the week down at your local neighbourhood shopping center, and I wouldn't have had to spend a few weeks patiently trailing the bicycle riding crackheads by 50 yards in my vehicle for an hour or so at 3AM each night 'til they learned to go steal stuff in somebody else's neighborhood.

But you guy's already knew that, 'cause you've read it here, right?


The Langley Corruptionator.

( And remember, its only defamatory libel if you know it to be untrue, if you can prove it's true in a court of law, then that's an entirely different kettle of fish, isn't it?)
( And we welcome the additional attention, none of these criminal stinking sacks of pigshit are morally fit to hold public office, and the more people who discover that, the better.)
( And what's the holdup with the Coleman/Polak investigation? Unlike any of the so called " newspapers" in this Township, I carefully read the legislation at the time, and it seemed to me they were both as guilty as sin. A slam dunk which shouldn't have taken more than a week to investigate. I actually liked Coleman, up until I discovered he was associated with the crooks occupying space in Township hall).

Friday, February 13, 2009

Townhall meetings and Adolf Hitler.

Adolf Hitler banned independent videocameras from his early Town Hall meetings.

Apparently some Township residents support Adolf Hitler's policy and support its enforcement at our local politician's Town Hall meetings here in Aldergrove. No videocameras , for the Greater Good of The Reich!Only National Socialist Party Approved Propaganda! Heil Hitler!

Adolf Hitler had no need to ban independent videographers by the time his Olympics rolled around because by then he'd sent all the Fatherland's independent videographers to camp.

How does the Langley Corruptionator know this?

Because someone has posted a comment on the crooked councillor's blog of lies run by pedophiles, child sex tourists, NAMBLA members and consumers of fag prostitute's services.

Shame on you! How many pieces of silver did you sell out for?

And people wonder how the crooked councillors got away with lieing to us for two years saying the Langley Events Center was a P3 when in reality it wasn't, it was a crooked deal where taxpayers are on the hook for costs and expenses while the crooked councillors insider friends walk away with signed contracts to collect the revenue.

And people wonder how the crooked councillors Jordan Bateman, Charlie Fox, Bob Long, Steve Ferguson, Mel Kositsky and Grant Ward could get away with sinking all the Township's tax money into secret deals approved behind closed doors at improperly closed secret meetings designed to benefit the few at the expense of all the Township's taxpayers.
No wonder Langley is a gangster magnet, there are way too few cops in Langley because all the Township's tax monies and assets, which could have been used hiring cops, were squandered enriching the crooked councilors friends and insiders while the local so called "newspapers" distracted us with puffball stories about Township Hall Dog and Pony shows.


Adolf would be proud of you.

Addendum Feb. 14:

The Langley corruptionator would also like to take this opportunity to remind people of a fact no citizen of a democracy must ever forget, that Adolf Hitler was first elected to power in free and fair elections in what was at the time a free and democratic country. The Langley Corruptionator does not support North Korean style secrecy in the Township of Langley. The Langley Corruptionator does not support the rampant secrecy practised by the Township of Langley's six puppet politicians. This secrecy is entirely directed at concealing from the Township's citizens the fact that the Township's six crooked councilors serve a select few insiders and friends at the expense of the other 100,000 residents of the Township. And the six crooked councilors don't give a tinker's damn what the law says, or what the facts are, they are only interested in lining their buddy's pockets at every other citizens' expense.

And re: the pugilism, you're on Rocky. As its been a while since the Corruptionator has duked it out with a professionally trained boxer the Corruptionator will need a small number of warm up bouts. If Rocky wishes to arrange the small number of warmup bouts with the characters who's names the corruptionator will supply him, the Corruptionator will be more than happy to meet Rocky in the final bout.

And,pal, your 7:31pm comment had to go. the text was fine but I didn't click the video until after I'd posted it, and it was unacceptable. The Langley Corruptionator is a respectable source of Township news and commentary. That video did not meet our standards. Try the crooked councilors blog of lies run by pedophiles, child sex tourists, NAMBLA members and consumers of fag prostitute's services. I'm sure they'd be happy to run it. Or at least they'd probably watch it themselves, over and over and over again, all day long, for weeks on end.

( And thanks for the humorous comment crooked councilors, BTW, any of you ever been to jail before? Think you're gonna like it?)

( And I am not withdrawing the the Third Reich analogy. The Township of Langley is a corrupt dictatorship presided over by the six aforementioned puppet councilors and the Township of Langley, like all dictatorships, has no respect for the rule of law.)

And pal, I have a big problem with that crooked puppet councilors blog of lies run by pedophiles, child sex tourists, NAMBLA members and consumers of fag prostitute's services.

And you are obviously on glue if you think I altered any of your comments. I didn't touch them. I only deleted two of them, after I posted them , because I couldn't connect to the videos prior to that, and once I did I saw one was violent and the other the sickest most tragic and disturbing shit I'd seen in my life, both of them completely unsuitable for Langley Township's most honest and unbiased source of occasional news and commentary, The Langley Corruptionator.
We both know why you are trying to suggest I altered your comments. You've created some legal issues for yourself by sending them. Unfortunately for your entirely false suggestion that I altered anything in them, all the original e-mails are sitting unopened in my inbox since I posted them off the blog, not my email. I will be saving these e-mails should any need arise to further deal with the matter of the Adolf Hitler's Town Hall Meetings blog. I don't expect any need to arise to further deal with this matter as I have better things to do with my time.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

pedophiles, child sex tourists, NAMBLA members and fag prostitutes.

If Lynn Whitehouse is such a fine and upstanding township citizen then why is she allowing her name to be used by the pedophiles, child sex tourists, NAMBLA members and consumers of fag prostitute's services who run the crooked councilors B.S. spewing blog?

Is Lynn Whitehouse even aware that her name is being used by the pedophiles, child sex tourists, NAMBLA members, and consumers of fag prostitute's services who run the crooked councilors B.S. spewing blog?

Even one so entirely devoid of integrity as Councilor Jordan Bateman is no longer plugging for this crooked councilors B.S. spewing blog so I just can't believe that Lynn Whitehouse would voluntarily choose to be associated with these pedophiles, child sex tourists, NAMBLA members, and consumers of fag prostitute's services.

Very Interesting.

It is not necessary for there to be an offence under s. 111 of the Criminal Code that the accused acted dishonestly, corruptly, or even that he did some unlawful act. Those are all the substantive requirements of offences found elsewhere in the Code, including, for example, sections 108 [now 119] and 109 [now 120] of the Criminal Code where it is provided that the accused must have acted “corruptly”. These crimes are punished moreover much more severely.

The offence under s. 111 of the Criminal Code is, apart from several nuances, the codification of the Common Law crimes known under the name of “misbehaviour” andmisfeasance in office”.

Russell wrote:

Misbehaviour in office is an indictable offence at common law and it is not essential that pecuniary damage should have resulted to the public by reason of such irregular conduct, nor that the defendant should have acted from corrupt motives.

NOTE TO SELF: Don't forget s.111 isn't called s.111 anymore. It has a new number now.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Criminal Code of Canada.

Parties to Offences

Parties to offence

21. (1) Every one is a party to an offence who

(a) actually commits it;

(b) does or omits to do anything for the purpose of aiding any person to commit it; or

(c) abets any person in committing it.

Common intention

(2) Where two or more persons form an intention in common to carry out an unlawful purpose and to assist each other therein and any one of them, in carrying out the common purpose, commits an offence, each of them who knew or ought to have known that the commission of the offence would be a probable consequence of carrying out the common purpose is a party to that offence.

R.S., c. C-34, s. 21.

Offences of negligence — organizations

22.1 In respect of an offence that requires the prosecution to prove negligence, an organization is a party to the offence if

(a) acting within the scope of their authority

(i) one of its representatives is a party to the offence, or

(ii) two or more of its representatives engage in conduct, whether by act or omission, such that, if it had been the conduct of only one representative, that representative would have been a party to the offence; and

(b) the senior officer who is responsible for the aspect of the organization’s activities that is relevant to the offence departs — or the senior officers, collectively, depart — markedly from the standard of care that, in the circumstances, could reasonably be expected to prevent a representative of the organization from being a party to the offence.

2003, c. 21, s. 2.

Other offences — organizations

22.2 In respect of an offence that requires the prosecution to prove fault — other than negligence — an organization is a party to the offence if, with the intent at least in part to benefit the organization, one of its senior officers

(a) acting within the scope of their authority, is a party to the offence;

(b) having the mental state required to be a party to the offence and acting within the scope of their authority, directs the work of other representatives of the organization so that they do the act or make the omission specified in the offence; or

(c) knowing that a representative of the organization is or is about to be a party to the offence, does not take all reasonable measures to stop them from being a party to the offence.

2003, c. 21, s. 2.

Accessory after the fact

23. (1) An accessory after the fact to an offence is one who, knowing that a person has been a party to the offence, receives, comforts or assists that person for the purpose of enabling that person to escape.

(2) [Repealed, 2000, c. 12, s. 92]


So is anybody throwing anybody under the bus down there yet?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

To the sack of feces crooked councillor who sent the anonymous message:

To the sack of poop crooked councillor who sent me the anonymous message, ha ha ha, thanks for the motivation loser. In case you pathetic pieces of human fxxxxxg garbage haven't figured it out yet, your political careers are over, done, toast, finished,that's all she wrote. Every single one of you is going to be spending so much time in court over the next 2 or 3 years you might as well start holding Langley Township Council meetings in the lobbies of the Surrey Provincial Courthouse and New Westminster Supreme Courthouse.
When the voters find out how Bob Long has been helping his psychopathic sack of shit buddy break every single law that psychopathic sack of shit wants to break, and every one of you crooked sacks of poo went along with it,then every single one of you crooked sacks of feces can kiss your political careers goodbye. ( And the taxpayers are going to love finding out you six crooked councilors flushed $80,000 dollars of their hard earned tax dollars down the toilet helping Bob's psychopathic sack of shit criminal buddy break every law he wants to break).
The RCMP has been around probably 14 times thanks to the problems instigated by Bob Long's psychopathic sack of shit buddy and the gang of thugs he has living in his illegal suite village. If I had been doing anything at all wrong the RCMP would have discovered it. But you sacks of poo are going to learn all about it in court. Be sure to bring a paperback to read and a troothbrush.(<-- that "toothbrush" typo was obviously divinely inspired, I'm not going to edit it). When Bob Long brought his sack of shit thug buddy in to tell you a pack of completely irrelevant lies about someone who is completely irrelevant anyway as an excuse for letting him break any and every law he wants to break maybe you incompetent brain dead morons should have checked with the person he was telling the lies about.
Then you would have found out Bob's buddy is a psychopath. Too late now though. Crooked incompetent brain dead sacks of poo like you have no business holding public office and after all this is said and done none of you will ever hold public office ever again. Maybe you should have asked some questions when you had the opportunity to, you sacks of feces.
All you crooked pieces of filth had to do was respect and honour your commitment to the citizens of Langley Township to enforce the bylaws of Langley Township. Instead you have facilitated the terrorism of, and attempted murder of, and endangered the lives of, and invaded the privacy of,and destroyed the home of some very long term decent law abiding Township taxpaying citizens who have never broken a single law their entire lives and have never put even one foot wrong their entire lives. Not a single one of you six criminals is fit to hold public office and not a single one of you six criminals will hold public office ever again.

And the person you so disrespectfully refer to in your incredibly stupid note qualified in a profession and built his own practise and made more honest dollars through his own blood, sweat and initiative every single day than any one of you pathetic crooked leeches sucking off the public's tit will make in your entire lives.

crooked councillor puppy torturers.

From the crooked councillors B.S. spewing blog of lies:
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She has already flip flopped on fire fighters and lashed out at sports parents. I guess this volunteer group was next on her hit list. She is really self destructing.

Maybe she will kick a puppy next.

February 8, 2009 7:38 AM

You crooked councillor supporters are the ones to be telling lies and calling other people names aren't you? I've heard those puppies you guys torture by sodomizing at your glue sniffing out in the woods at midnight Bob Long and Jordan Bateman crooked councilor support rituals are already dead by the time you've finished with them anyway.

You criminal shitbags are getting really desperate about anyone being there to expose your secret deals to ripoff taxpayers aren't you? If it weren't for her none of the 100,000 township citizens being robbed for $50 million dollars in the mufford scam by you sacks of feces ever would have seen that piece of garbage Falcon's robbery ultimatum letter. You are the crooked shitbags who've kept this whole mufford overpass scam secret from its victims, the 100,000 residents of Langley township, ever since you first concocted the ripoff four years ago.

From the Crooked Councilors Anonymous Blog:

The following Horseshit was published in the crooked councilors anonymous shit spewing blog:
Reliable Rumour has it that several volunteers and ToL taxpayers are furious at Councillor Kim Richter for smearing their organization on the other blog. Stay tuned as I hear they may confront her in council during the public meeting and take her to task!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Sue FALCON and all the Crooks in the $50 million Mufford SCAM.

I see in Jordan Bateman's blog he is telling someone not to attack unelected people. Langley Township staff are the guilty parties in this $5o million dollar Mufford overpass scam to weasel 250 acres out of the ALR so some insiders can make a killing, so why shouldn't they be attacked? They are supposed to serve the interests of the citizens of Langley, not the interests of a few insider developers and investors.


So staff members should be fired for gross negligence for going along with scam and any politicians involved with this scam should be INVESTIGATED WITH RESPECT TO LAYING CRIMINAL CHARGES. $50 million dollars of taxpayer money is being ripped off to build a useless overpass in the wrong place with a monstrosity of connecting roads and bridges to nowhere for no other reason than to scam 250 acres out of the ALR to make a few insiders a pile of money.

No wonder the crooked councillors Bateman, Long, Ferguson,Fox,Kositsky and Ward's attacks on Green and Richter are so ceaseless and organized, now we see who's behind the attack campaign. It has now been exposed beyond any shadow of a doubt who ran the election machine to get these accquiescent nodding heads elected, to facilitate the rip off of taxpayers to benefit the few.
I have voted Socred, Federal Conservative, Christan Heritage Party and Provincial Liberal my entire life but there is no way I will ever vote for Campbell's Crooks ever again after this SCAM and THREAT LETTER FROM FALCON, TAKE YOUR OVERPASS AND STICK IT UP YOUR ASS YOU FUCKING CROOK! I'LL POST BLOGS ABOUT YOU ON MY WIRELESS INTERNET WHILE I'M WAITING FOR THE TRAINS TO PASS YOU CROOKED SACK OF SHIT!!!!!!

Spaghetti Western at Langley Town Hall

So is anybody throwing anybody under the bus yet at Langley Town Hall or have we discovered the West's densest concentration of Clint Eastwood stare 'em down wannabes?

Bon Voyage!


"I am off for a weeks holiday, reply as you may but no computer on deck so whistle in the wind and let it fly!
Hopefully in a week you will have calmed down and be more senstive to those around you"

Don't wear a lifejacket and be sure and get really drunk you stinking piece of dogshit.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

where's the tapes Councillor Bateman?

So Jordan, where's the tapes? Am I going to have to follow you around to all your photo ops with a megaphone and a few hundred pages of The Langley Corruptionator printed out for handouts to get those tapes or what? I thought you were the one on your high horse just recently spouting out about Chiliwack being a bunch of shitbags for requiring someone to make an FOI request to get some information
What are you, some kind of a hypocrite? These are recordings of meetings open to the public, the legislation says you don't need an FOI request to get such public information.

Where can I find a shedule of your upcoming photo ops?

( And, BTW, you pack of shitbags, everything that lying, thieving, criminal sack of shit buddy of Bob Long's and his sack of shit shyster told you about my dealings with him and his pack of scumbags in your secret " in camera" meeting is a complete pack of fucking lies, in case you sacks of shit haven't even figured that out by now. And the complete pack of lies they told you about me is 100% irrelevant to that matter anyway, the only two things relevant to that matter are the facts and the law. Anything about me personally is 100% irrelevant. I am merely a messenger.)

Pulling a Nixon with the tapes?

So where are the tapes you Richard Millhouse Nixon wannabes?
This is the Langley Corruptionator's third request to Jordan Bateman to make a transcript of the tape( or simply an audio recording I will transcribe myself) available at the mayor's office for pickup.
These would be the tapes of the delegate appearance at the afternoon meeting of Township Council and subsequent discussion by council in the 7 o'clock meeting mentioned in a number of posts in this blog.
These tapes( or whatever sort of audio recording they are) will confirm what has been stated in a number of posts in the Langley Corruptionator.

A delegate appeared before council to report a theft and a fraud( stating he was 99.99% certain the fraud had occurred and 100% certain the theft had occurred). This theft of Township of Langley property was perpertrated by a lying, thieving criminal thug buddy of Bob Long's.

The delegate stated he had already spoken to the Langley RCMP at the Langley RCMP detachment about the theft and the Langley RCMP said it sounded as though a theft had occurred, but they would only investigate the theft if Mayor or council requested it. I said that's ridiculous, this property has been paid for by Township taxpayer's who would want the theft of their property investigated no matter what any crooked mayor or council had to say about it.( the mayor was crooked Kurt at the time).The cop wouldn't take a statement or give me a file number so I left. ( a good lawyer has since told me the cop was entirely wrong and there is no question he should have taken a statement and given me a file number and taken the evidence I had brought with me and started an investigation) ( Maybe this cop was one of the four who assisted Robert Dzkanski upon his arrival to this country, but I'm not sure)

I also pointed out to the cop how ridiculous his logic was in that it rendered an investigation of corruption by mayor and council impossible because according to his logic mayor and council would have to refer an investigation of their own corruption to the RCMP themselves. The cop had nothing to say about this observation ( Maybe he was reminiscing about the good ole days of standing around doing nothing while Robert Dzkanski was dying)

I subsequently reported all this to council as a delegate, explaining the RCMP said it sounded as though a theft had occurred but it would not investigate unless the matter was referred to them by mayor or council.
A few councillors asked some questions ( aimed at trying to concoct a coverup I thought) but councillor Richter asked very pointed and specific questions intended to reiterate that:
1) I had already spoken to the RCMP,
and 2) The RCMP had said it would investigate the theft if the matter were
referred to them by council, and
3) All I was asking for is that council refer this matter to the RCMP for investigation.

Councillor Richter then made a motion that council refer this matter for investigation.

Then: Mayor Alberts, Councillors Bateman, Long, Ferguson, Fox, Kositsky, Ward and
Vickburg sat on their hands and said nothing.

Feb. 1, 2009. The lieing shitbag criminal councillors post in their lieing shitbag anonymous blog a total misrepresentation of this delegation which is a 100% complete and total lie. And state the most vile and slanderous lies about what Councillor Richter did. WhatRichter did, make the motion to refer, is exactly what every single one of the 100, 000 citizens of Langley would expect each and every one of the councillors to have done ( excepting, of course, Bob Long's lying criminal thug buddy)

BTW, as you crooked councillors have demonstrated yourselves completely incapable of looking out for the interests of the citizens of Langley, as you wre elected to do, I am attending to the matter of the fraud myself, to ensure justice is done.

If the tapes confirm what I say, and they will, then it has been proven you crooked councillors are morally unfit to hold public office and must immediately resign.

So where are the tapes you Richard Millhouse Nixon wannabes?

Langley Township Zoning Bylaw 2500 (1987)

Temporary Mobile Homes

201.4 A mobile home as a temporary accessory dwelling is subject to the following


a. That the principal dwelling is occupied by the owner of the property;

b. That the mobile home is occupied by:

i) an employee of the owner where such property is operated as a bonafide

farm; or

ii) the Father, Mother, Son, Daughter, Grandfather, Grandmother,

Grandson, Granddaughter, Brother or Sister, of the Owner of the


Updates Feb. 5, 2009

Updates feb. 5, 2009 :

In the post entitled " Lieing sacks of shit Jordan Bateman et. al. " if you scroll part way down the post you will find in Bold Lettering an ADDENDUM:which is dated February 5, 2009.

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